How To Reduce Sugar in Your Diet

If you’re tired of all the conflicting nutritional advice, you can rest assured that there is one rock solid recommendation: Reduce consumption of ANY added sugar. I’m not 100 percent sure, but I bet that the only ones who would tell you anything different are the companies that add sugar to their products. Added sweeteners quickly boost calorie intake while providing little nutrient value. Those calories can stack up very quickly if you’re eating too many highly sweetened foods. If you’re consuming more calories than your body needs, the evidence will appear quickly in the form of added pounds.  Here are 10 tips to help you avoid unwanted sugar. To read the complete  article titled – How To Reduce Sugar in Your Diet       Read more »

Diet and exercise play key roles in controlling diabetes

Diabetes is a chronic condition in which blood sugar levels rise higher than normal. There are two types of diabetes, and each presents its own challenges. The most common form, type 2, represents over 90 percent of diagnosed patients and presents itself most frequently in overweight adults with a family history of diabetes. In type 2 diabetics, the body’s insulin can be ineffective. This malfunction initially causes the pancreas to create a surplus of insulin. Over time, the pancreas cannot make enough effective insulin to keep blood glucose levels normal. Conversely, type 1 diabetes is typically diagnosed in children and young adults and occurs when the body does not produce a sufficient supply of insulin. Only 5 to 10 percent of diabetics are type 1. Both type 1 and type 2 diabetes can have long-term health consequences. The good news is, diabetes — especially type 2 — is a disease […] Read more »

Concerns and diabetes related topics for Diabetics

Being Diabetic brings a whole host of questions, concerns. The main topics for diabetics are: diabetes symptoms neuropathy type 2 diabetes gestational diabetes diabetic diet glycemic index peripheral neuropathy diabetic recipes blood sugar levels hypoglycemia symptoms a1c contour ketones actos low blood sugar hemoglobin a1c low blood sugar symptoms Read more »

Body Fat Location and Affects

Sources : Metabolic Syndrome – Cytokine – image source- This Deadly Fat In Your Body Causes Cancer And You’ll Never See It Read more »

Mediterranean-Style Diet May Be the Best Diet for Diabetics People following a Mediterranean-style diet may have the best chance of keeping weight off — and doing it without causing negative side effects — according to a study published in the Journal of the American Medical Association. and a few other interesting ideas: Low-glycemic index: similar to the Mediterranean diet, with 40% of total calories from carbs, 40% from fat and 20% from protein. The diet emphasizes whole grains like oatmeal and brown rice, low-fat meats like fish, fruits and vegetables, beans and healthy fats from olive oil and nuts. It avoids highly processed, sugary carbs and snack foods. Some additional Glycemic Information Read more »

Online Food Tracking Tool

A great web based tool does the following: Food-A-Pedia > Look up nutrition info for over 8,000 foods and compare foods side-by-side Food Tracker > Track the foods you eat and compare to your nutrition targets. Physical Activity Tracker > Enter your activities and track progress as you move. My Weight Manager > Get weight management guidance; enter your weight and track progress over time. My Top 5 Goals > Choose up to 5 personal goals; sign up for tips and support from your virtual coach. My Reports > Use reports to see how you are meeting goals and view your trends over time. Read more »

lower your blood sugar quickly

Great post any diabetic that wants to lower blood sugar quickly. The main ideas are to exercise and use cinnamon. Read for the details. Dear Dr. Roach: I had an abnormal blood sugar reading of 111, where the normal range is 65-99. My primary care doctor has been monitoring it and doesn’t feel it to be of concern. What can I do to bring the number down? I take folic acid daily with other vitamin and mineral supplements. I’ve had cinnamon recommended by friends who have had success. Is this something you’d suggest I try? — J.M. Read more »

Mediterranean diet for heart health

This diet sounds like a great option for diabetics. Two of my favorite foods..tomoatoes and mozzarella Save your life: Eat tomatoes and mozzarella Mediterranean diet for heart health gains momentum Read more »