Setting Personal Goals To Lower Your Blood Sugar Readings

Diet and exercise impact blood sugar readings. A delicate balance of how much exercise and food to consume ...
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Autophagy and its affects on cleaning up cells

Autophagy is a hot topic. Yoshinori Ohsumi's 2016 Nobel Prize for Physiology and Medicine converted the medical world's ...
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Ways to measure insulin resistance

variety of ways to measure insulin resistance. I haven't had any of these tests done. Should I be ...
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Therapeutic Fasting – Solving the Two-Compartment Problem

Dr. Jung, the world renowned expert on intermittent fasting provides an insightful explanation of the two compartment problem. ...
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Excess fat promotes for increased insulin that, in turn, promotes for even more fat..

Insulin resistance is a common feature in patients who are obese or who have metabolic syndrome or type ...
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How does a modified ketogenic diet affect blood sugars and insulin levels?

Lots of deep insights related to: Low insulin levels and fat burning Low Glycemic Foods and fat burning ...
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